We are premium. We are natural. We want the best for your pet.

We have high expectations for our products to ensure both owners and pets are happy and satisfied. We consider dogs to be full members of the family and are fully aware of our responsibilities to them. It is for this reason that we offer a wide variety of products that are carefully tailored to the individual nutritional needs of animals.
Our treats are free from artificial taste enhancers, colours, flavours and preservatives and have been carefully prepared using premium raw materials and ingredients.
Our experience and expertise ensure that the highest quality and hygiene standards are met. Only by using high-quality raw materials are we able to produce a top quality end product. We ensure this quality by carefully selecting our cooperation partners, using excellent raw materials, constantly monitoring the production process and carrying out strict final checks of the finished article by certified testing laboratories.

All this makes SNACKIES® a special daily treat for your pet.


SNACKIES - High quality snacks for dogs

Quality is the sign of our competence.

We set completely new standards in the production of our snackies by using the highest quality raw materials.